22 de novembro de 2011

Falling rain

Once upon a time there was a family. They lived near a wood. In the wood there was a playground for children to play.
Children loved the park. They went there every day at the same time. One day, they woke up anxions to go play in the park but it was raining very hard and the park was full of puddles.
They asked their mother it they could out and play. Mother said no, because they might get sick.
When she saw their sad little faces, she let them go as long and they put warm clothes on.
And so they put on their coats, caps, gloves, rubber boots and neckerchiefs and went out to play merrily in the water puddles.

Isa André nº 7
Joana Campião nº 11
11º G
As meninas do 11ºG, Curso Profissional Técnico de Apoio à Infância, estão a escrever estórias infantis em inglês com a professora Maria José Simas.
Parabéns à Isa.

Dois dedos de texto

Dois dedos de texto
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