20 de março de 2014

Mês da Leitura - Estórias

Os alunos do 11 Ano (turmas A, B, C,  D e E) escreveram textos e transformaram as suas ideias em estórias.

As estórias que publicamos integram a exposição do Mês da Leitura, na Biblioteca Escolar.

The Mystery

 by Catarina Lopes
 David Fontinha 
Érica Canudo 
Fernando Santos 

 There once was a man named Jack who lived with his wife in a hundred year old house, the kind that were built to last. It was indeed a dark house where the only voices they heard were those of each other and the ones they imagined. They have lived alone for years and the only company they kept has a name: the walls. Every day Jack woke up screaming in fear with terrifying nightmares, dreaming of a haunted past. He strived to forget them but it was all in vain. The screams of his daughter were enough to leave scars on the soul. Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of her death. He hears her voice talking and crying when no-one is around. "I keep hearing her voice echo through the walls or so I hope", he says. Nevertheless, it ought to be said that these are the thoughts of a traumatized man who finds he cannot forget or outrun his past. He put that story everywhere in their lives. It has now a new beginning and a new ending.

The Sombrero 

 Short story 
 by David Paulos
 João Prazeres 
João Lopes 
Miriam Varela

 It all happened in Texas Valley when Melon just announced the release of a new product: The Sombrero. The best employee at Melon was pretty rude and pretty rich. Melon and his employees were always very original and eccentric for their ideas and their way of living. They created the Sombrero which would allow everyone to make holograms, videos, play music and make phone calls... But people didn't know that it also controlled their minds. Increasing numbers of people were asking for help with sleep disorders and some of them were doing rather strange things during the night. ( Don't be surprised if they do strange things, like eating invisible food.) Sales rose in January and February. Melon made the customers happy and got them to buy repeatedly from them, and increased business profits. Designing The Sombrero was not only about making you look good, but also making sure that it generated sales.They were happy! Clients were not happy anymore.

 Have you ever been in a situation when you felt like you are doing strange things all the time? They thought that filing a complaint would get people's attention and might be worth the effort. And so they did! A Jiggly Puff investigation led to arrest the best employee at Melon. He tracked up safety violations. He created The Sombrero so that he could read a person's mind to know what they were thinking and to use that information.

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